Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Big Mind Map

When in doubt
Make a Mind Map!

Some intitial ideas I had come up with. Just a document of ideas, random thoughts etc.:
letterpress - dying art in bangalore/India

DYNAMIC content, allowing interaction-access thru cell phones, integration thru social media websites

Service providing - eg.http://www.will try them

new forms of story telling - mytholigy, create ur own stories, know your city/environment with a character

illustrating 3d environments- generate experiences

interactive packaging? toys? 
- (good info graphics)


acts of kidness - are needed to keep social networks running

Similar to the list above was this mind map, I had been making for myself over the past 3months

But these ideas were just off the top of my head and they did not in any way follow diploma guidelines.
I needed something made me feel like I had a sense of direction and the project would mean something. So I felt like I was almost back to square one.

This was my "fresh start":
With absolutely no sense of direction, I started of by creating a mind map that would help me atleast plot out my ares of interest. (A more systematic approach this time, keeping in mind that I had to follow guidelines and that my project would need a solid basis while writing out a brief)

A whole bunch of post its and a wall led me to my first few ideas. Letterpress printing being one of them.