Sunday, July 11, 2010

Interview Peeps

I need to come up with my time line soon. So before I get to chalking it, I needed to have a definite list of people that I am hoping to interview for my project.

So far:

Edinburgh College of Art:
  1. Zoe Patterson
  2. Steve McDonald
  3. Derek Green
  4. Students from ECA
Maharashtra Institute of Printing Technology, Pune:
  1. R.S. Adkar
  2. S.V. Kulkarni (Lok Sangraha Press)
College for Creative Studies, Detroit:
  1. Don Kilpatrik
  2. Zidislaw Siroka
  1. Ven Graphics, Bangalore
  2. Konark Press, Bangalore
  3. Western Printers, Bangalore
  4. Wedding Card Printers in Pune and Mumbai
  5. V. Joshi & Co., Pune
  6. Kelkar Printing Press, Pune
  7. Anil Printing Press, Mumbai
  8. Suvar Printers, Mumbai
  9. Om Sai Printers, Mumbai
  10. Shree Mahalaxmi Cutting Works, Mumbai
  11. CLIENTS who get letterpess done
  1. Trapeze Design, Bangalore
  2. Tara Kelton
  3. Kruti Saraiya
  4. Premjit Ramachandran
Hope to add some more names and get some confirmations for interviews.

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