Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Round 3: Test Prints go Metallic!

Another round of test prints to figure out what stock would work better. The earlier stock I had tried out gave the project an "old world" feel. However the feeling of preciousness was lacking. So I decided to try out some more options ranging form bright white to metallics.

I also thought of dividing the book into sections. Each section would have a different kind of stock.
The 3 sections are as follows:
  • General information about letterpress
  • Quotes from designers, typographers etc.
  • Quotes from letterpress printers - death of letterpress
The stock was bought from Transasia Fine Papers Pvt. Ltd. This is the list of stock that was tested out for the final book:
  • Conquerer Diamond White 250gsm
  • Shiro Echo Bright White 250gsm
  • JC Colorscope Pristine White 270gsm
  • Village White 280gsm
  • Rives Traditional Ice White 250gsm
  • Conquerer Iridescent Silver Mist 250gsm
  • Curious Metal Galvanised 250gsm
These are some of the test prints.

Another test print which is more of a design than content that gives you information. The pattern has been made using a "tombstone". (Wikipedia Article: Tombstone [Typography] )

The Rives Traditional Ice White 250gsm being used for one of the sections.

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  1. looks pretty.. :D silver one.. i like.. cant see the others though.. :)