Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review 2 and Ground Theory

After the first round of research which included Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune I realized that all the interviews were similar in terms of content. My research did not lead to the kind of conversations I had expected. The people I spoke to were like skilled workers who did not necessarily see the “value” of this printing method in terms of design.
Also I had approached the project with the notion that letterpress is still alive in India. However this is not the case. The technique is rather dead and has been so for the past 8 to 10 years.

  • Move to the product
  • Figure out the who, why, when and how? It will lead you to the “what”.
  • What is the point of the book?
  • What does it have to say about letterpress printing? Representation?
  • Is there a story?

Exploring the medium:
  • Does the final product have to be a book?
  • Can there be posters or “images” instead? How does one read these as compared to a body of text?
  • Scale – Work with various methods of manual printing, Alternative printing methods that could be used along with letterpress
  • CONTENT will lead to the end product and demand certain treatment.

  • Artist books
  • Letterpress books
  • Letterpress artwork, Students' letterpress projects
  • Ground Theory

  • What will the content of the book be?
  • Is the book 'just' about letterpress? What is the 'joy of turning every page'?

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