Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At the Printers

After a week of working at the printers I finally printed one of the many little pieces I had composed.
It's been a rather tiring week. A one and half hour drive to the place and then standing for 5 hours while composing. It drains out all your energy.
Composing a large body of text, left- aligned:
And the composing stick gets rather heavy as you add on the lead. All the letters must be aligned in a certain way and there is a groove on each letter which helps you figure that out.
While taking a break, I was going through some of the cases and found these old blocks that include company logos, images of gods or some decorative patterns. Most of the have gathered dust and I am hoping to make some fun prints out of these blocks. This is just once case, there are two more that even more dusty.
Composing a page for a bill was a tedious task. But it did give me a good understanding of how quotations (the black square blocks, without text) are meant to be used and what sizes they come in. This was my first taste of central aligning text and now MS Word seems god-sent in comparison.
But what came next, composing a flyer for a beauty parlour, all completely central aligned. And using five different fonts (just like in the original flyer) with grammatical mistakes was a little painful. but in the process I did get to work with some script fonts and they look slightly different from other fonts in letterpress. But it was fun to touch upon that sort of an aesthetic.

First few test prints to check for mistakes
And finally this first test print. 3 mistakes, not so bad!

Starting tomorrow will compose some of the content that i have generated for my Letterpress book. Hoping it will be a mix of the aesthetic that is prevelant in India letterpress 'jobs; and the kind of aesthetic we as designers feel is 'more appropriate'?


  1. hey,
    you seem to be inside a treasure chest...love the pics.. lets see more of your content soon

  2. this is BRILLIANT!
    I am sure it is like a very satisfactory energy draining... so cool so cool neeti.. steal some letter press "pies" for me na.. :P