Monday, August 9, 2010


After a few days of aimless wandering, I felt great sense of purpose on Sunday and started mind mapping. This technique saves my life time and again. I got down to breaking all the threads I could use for figuring out what my end product would be.

One of my inspirations is the artist book by Paolo Carraro called The Impermanent in the Permanent.

There are three versions of this book:
  • The book form in bound as the traditional Japanese style in which the four quarters of a square which runs through the book are rotated by means of cut-outs, folds and colour, capitalising on a powerful left-hand, right-hand interaction.
  • The book size is 21.5 by 20 cm with 16 images.
  • Edition of 9 copies only, all signed by the artist.
  • The slip case form is made of 4 little volumes boxed in a slip case in which each of the four rotations is contained in its own base were all the pages are unbound so that the cut-outs and folds can be re-arranged in a virtually endless discovery.
  • Each booklet is made up of 4 pages of 20 by 20 cm.
After taking a look at this artist book, I started think of what could be done for my project that would help highlight Letterpress printing and make it India specific.
Some of my initial rambling:

I am now thinking.. spatial (just in terms of the product), tactile, discovering.. like finding a piece of history and taking the time to understand it.
Another mind map and then will re-listen to all my interviews to get some content or starting points out of them.

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