Monday, September 6, 2010

Beginnings of the Book

After a 3days of composing and day of trying out some prints. Here are pictures of the test prints.

And.. I had composed a large body of text, which took 6 hours. But, while transferring it onto the chase, the printer dropped half of it. So will recompose that and print it soon.
Also, now I am looking into what sort of stock I can use and what the colour range can be like (because the printer doesnt print light colours like yellows or even white. Which I find a little surprising).

Book dimensions:
As of now I am looking at the book being the standard post card size (about 6inX4in), so that it will be possible to add pictures with letterpress/ screen-printing into the book. Also for binding i am thinking of something more "temporary", so that each page can be seen in isolation or even removed from the book.

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