Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The interviews I had shot at the start of my project were for research purposes and for creating an online archival. However since most of the conten of the interviews was repitative, I decided to not make an archival.
However, I thought that some of things the different printers had said were opinions and experiences that could be combined together into a short film. The aim of this film would be to give the audience a glance into the world of letterpress, how it works, what are the opinions of the people who work with and whether they think there is a future or not.
My interviews were of an informal nature (which was a conscious choice). So I thought I would compile some of the things that were said to make a piece that combined these conversations and gave the audience something to see, visualise and think about.
Hence the film is called “Conversations about Pressing Matters”. This combines the informal interviews and the name of the letterpress book and leaves it open ended for a viewer to draw his own conclusions. 

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