Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cover Up... FINALLY!

My first idea for the cover was to work with completely graphic patters, that were not associated to letterpress, something that helped me break from the grid. However I realised that this was too disconnected from the book itself. 

After my review, I went back to the content I had generated for the book and tried to figure out what I could use.
Similar to my earlier idea, I wanted to have 30 different covers since that is really easy to create in a digital medium and equally simple to print.
So using the second colour way that consited of turquoise and grey different covers have different logos highlighted (using the turquoise).Since there were details in the logo that would get lost if screen printed I decided to print on cloth. On my second visit to Welpak I decided to print on canvas instead as it was sturdy and made a more solid cover. The canvas I used had a glossy finish. 

The letterpress printed blocks:

Final Covers:

The final book wrapped in the glossy canvas cover, with a purple ribbon used to tie. The label is attached to the ribbon. (Also with each book is a pair of white gloves, not in picture)

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