Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pressing Matters.. PRINTED

I decided to use three different metallic sheets for the three different chapters.

– Rives Traditional Ice White 250gsm
– Conquerer Iridescent Silver Mist 250gsm
– Curious Metal Galvanised 250gsm

For the more fun, light hearted prints I used coloured paper.
The coloured paper stock was Canson.

– 133 Bonbon 150gsm
– 132 Clementine 150gsm
– 136 Ciel 150gsm
– 139 Prairie 150gsm

The sheets were taken to the printers and they were cut into the appropriate size.

All my composed matter waiting to be printed.

Each of the pages is composed and then thread is tied around it to keep it all in place.
Each piece is then taken and put into the chase so that it can be made read for attaching onto the platen printing press.

Registeration on the paper is extremetly important. The printer first took one test print and then using pins aligned the paper correctly. This whole process is largely a very visual one.
Sometimes the pressure on certain letters was not enough, so pieces of paper were stuck behined to give added pressure.
Printing out approximately over 700 pages in letterpress was a time consuming task and took over 10hours.

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